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Working With Be Loud Communications

Since starting our business in September 2012, we have used Be Loud Communications for a wide range of projects; graphic design, pamphlet and print design, web site development and e-commerce integration.

Ryan has been exceptional at understanding our needs and completing projects incredibly quick. He responds to all requests immediately and completes projects on-time and on-budget. Be Loud Communication’s pricing is always fair and Ryan is willing to customize projects to fit within our budget.

Be Loud Communications has been our “one-stop-shop” for so many projects, that they truly understand our company and brand. Each new project has become easier to complete as we’ve developed such a great relationship. It is relieving to know that we have such a terrific resource in Be Loud Communications. We are confident that we can complete any of our graphic design and web development projects on-time and on-budget.

Thanks Be Loud Communications.


Ryan has worked under some very tight deadlines for our company and has always produced excellent work

Robert Assaf, President
Kardish Health Food Centre

Our Church and Community was celebrating 100 years since conception and as part of the celebrations we had a few key project related activities on our plates to mark such a monumental event. To start off we wanted to have a logo that would represent the Church, its transition from new to old, past to present, and symbolically reference Hamilton as our home. We had a hand sketch of what we wanted, but were missing the professional look and feel that such a logo would summarize and showcase. Mr. Ligeza managed to capture the essence of our wishes and desires, by getting the logo professionally drawn and enhanced for us. It became the symbol of everything we did around the Church and the community as we went into the celebration and subsequently at all major events. Everything we did, had this identifier and in a way tied us all together in a greatest celebration we ever had.

Later as we prepared for the actual event we needed a solution that would present our time line over the last 100 years. We had all the key events lined up, but did not know how to actually package and present all that in our anniversary programme publication. Mr Ligeza was instrumental in developing and presenting all that in a very attractive and representative way. It was the hit in the programme, and to this day it is still viewed by our Church members and others as the best summary of 100 years of key events we have ever seen.

It shows that no matter what you may think you know, in the end, having a professional on your team, makes the world of difference, that simple!

George Lukic P.Eng.
Project Manager, 100th Anniversary
St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church

Designing my first website seemed like it would be a daunting task - I was put in touch with Ryan Ligeza from Be Loud Communications and let me say that he made the journey effortless. Ryan was not only a consummate professional in terms of deadlines and turn around, but he stayed in touch with me and amidst my hectic schedule sent me reminders to facilitate what I will say is an absolute huge addition to my business.

Ryan took the time to provide feedback on my vision, and what he thought would be the most beneficial in the long run for the most internet traffic and client response. I trusted him. He was always kind, courteous and accommodating. He was without question a business operator who has a genuine concern for the satisfaction of his client and the will and desire to associate his name and company with a top notch product. I would absolutely recommend Ryan to any of my clients present, or future. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him through the process and I truly am appreciative for the experience and quality product that was delivered to me and my foundation that has been built stronger as a result of his valiant efforts. My website is a success, thank you Be Loud Communications.

Rachelle O'Connor

We have recently started working with Be Loud Communications, and are extremely impressed with the quality, attention to detail, and creativity that we have seen in the work that has been done for us. Our customers have even commented on how we have "stepped it up a notch" with our marketing. The professionalism and prompt service is also outstanding. I would highly recommend using their services to anyone who asks!

Maral Duckworth, B.A., Marketing Manager
The Vitamin Store

Being a new Mom with no time I was not very focused on creating a website. But it was apart of my goals and desires in the back of my mind. I decided to get help and got way more than I ever imagined.

I hired Ryan to design my website and I couldn't be more impressed with the results.

I didn't even know what I wanted, just knew the feeling and energy I wanted it to convey. Most designers would not even work with "just a feeling" but Ryan got me!! With just a few emails, short descriptions and a phone conversation he not only designed an incredible site to look at but he understood me, my purpose and passion for Nutrition. You see, Ryan isn't just a designer, he takes it upon himself to know you, what you stand for, what you need to maximize your business and how you should be branded. He understands the psychology of words, photos and even your body language.

He made my site with so many additions to optimize my web exposure I can't even begin to pretend to understand them all. He had so much patients and insight, so much knowledge about many aspects of creating and designing. He worked with my budget and limited knowledge of the business of web design and gave me a site I can be extremely proud of:) It is the best money I have spent and didn't even have to leave my house:) I am in awe of the details of his work and professionalism he provided as well as the effort he took to help me understand all aspects of my site.

If you are looking to have your own website and have a vision, I recommend contacting Ryan to help you make that vision a realty, one that exceeds even your expectations!!

Thanks to Ryan I now can share my vision & passion with so many others!!!

Nanda Macneil, RHN, RNCP

I needed a website that much I knew, but the whole process seemed so overwhelming that I didn't know where to begin. That is when I spoke with Ryan from Be Loud Communications. He really made it all possible. Not only did I get a website that presents my business exactly as I had hoped, Ryan was very professional and personable offering ongoing support throughout the whole process, explaining it and keeping it simple for me to understand.

Thank you, Ryan. I have gotten excellent feedback on the site! You have exceeded all my expectations and I would highly recommend your services.

Cindy Brown
Cindy's Home Day Care

We are a group of students organized into a performing ensemble with our Church and Community in Hamilton. Our objective is to preserve and perpetuate our cultural heritage though music, song and dance within the Canadian multicultural fabric. We pride ourselves by doing this in as a professional way as possible. We perform at many community events locally as well as outside at various Serbian and other cultural events, throughout North America. All the effort and involvement as well as travelling and performances are done on a voluntary basis.

We have had a logo hand drawn for us by one of our members and have used it as an identifier for many years. Technology has changed and a simple photocopy of the original logo does not meet our needs. We find ourselves facing many challenges as we try to make t-shirts or get anything embroidered for our needs.

Recently we were faced with a rush need to have our logo vectorized for such promotional needs. In addition we needed the same logo presented in two languages, as well as in different variants and versions so to have options for publications and merchandise use. Mr. Ligeza was instrumental in getting this done quickly and professionally, solving a 25 year problem for us in a matter of a single day. The quality and delivery time were above any expectations and all that for a very reasonable price.

Mr. Ligeza does a professional and creative work, in a very efficient and powerful way. We would definitely recommend him for any artistic or other organization needing assistance with this kind of work.

Serbian Folklore Ensemble “KOLO”

The Vitamin Store began using Be Loud Communications web services six months ago and we could not be more satisfied with the job that they have done for us. In that time, Be Loud has proven to be extremely professional, efficient and expedient while delivering a level of creativity and quality that has surpassed our expectations. At the same time, their pricing structure delivers tremendous value for the dollar and I'm happy to say that our site has the look and feel of similar sites costing much more. In addition to the Website Design, we also relied on Be Loud Communications for our Social Media Marketing efforts, including having a custom Facebook Page built. We now have a strong and rapidly growing presence on the Web with a website that is already ranking high with Google, something we were never able to achieve with our previous web company. I'm more than pleased to say that Be Loud Communications has my highest recommendation!

Mark Ysseldyk, President
The Vitamin Store

I engaged the services of Ryan Ligeza of Be Loud Communications to finish the task of launching my website. This had been an ongoing project for several months and I had finally discharged the previous designer as the task was taking too long and he was not following my guidelines, being the prototype I had created in Powerpoint. On the contrary Ryan, using this as a basis, created a website I am very satisfied with, within time constraints given and even gave additional creativity to improve the impact. Ryan kept me informed along the way and made sure I approved all deviations from the prototype.

I was truly impressed with the professionalism and the communication throughout the project. I would recommend Ryan's services in all similar tasks.

Wayne Bilyk, Owner
Positive Energy Resource Center

As CEO and founder of Project Elinor, Ltd. I have worked with Ryan Ligeza with Be Loud Communications. As a very satisfied customer, I strongly recommend they be a company in which to do business with.

Having worked with different design companies, Be Loud Communications was a great company to work with. Ryan continually offered creative suggestions, while always keeping in mind budget constraints and timelines of particular projects. Be Loud continuously provided me with high quality finished work, with little to no changes required to proposals presented.

Ryan is highly committed to his work and it is evident in the work he has done for Project Elinor Ltd. Samples include: upgrades to, Facebook: Project Elinor, and company footage found on YouTube. I have received several compliments to the above projects.

Based on my experience working with Ryan, I strongly recommend Be LoudCommunications to assist you with any of your graphic needs.


Nadia Finley, President
Project Elinor Ltd.

Website Design By Be Loud Communications.

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